2018 Traditional Roots Conference

The fifth annual Traditional Roots Herbal Conference draws on clinical tradition and modern scientific research to offer the best of both worlds. Enrich your knowledge of materia medica, both for general conditions and as applied to clinical cases.

They’ll have sessions covering bioregional herbalism, organoleptics, medicine making, clinical case reviews and field applications.

NUNM, the National University of Natural Medicine of Portland, Oregon, is the oldest accredited naturopathic college in the US.  By way of support for herbal education and better public access to meaningful health care, we at Strictly Medicinal Seeds are leadership sponsors of this year’s conference.  Richo will be speaking on Delights of Diversity, Medicinal Trees on the Landscape: Zero Medicine Miles on Friday, May 18!


  • Paul Bergner
  • Richo Cech
  • Bevin Clare
  • Sussanna Czeranko
  • Catherine Hunziker
  • Elise Krohn
  • Nome McBride
  • Greta de la Montagne
  • Glen Nagel
  • Sue Sierralupe
  • Kevin Spelman
  • David Winston
  • Eric Yarnell
  • and still more to come!

Dates & Registration

May 18–20, 2018 | NUNM, 049 SW Porter, Portland

Please note that there are discounts for early registration and full-time students!  See full pricing and registration options here.