Rhodiola Growing Hints

Germination benefits greatly from cold conditioning/stratification, possibly ~ 6 weeks at 5 Celsius or colder, though typically seed is sown on moist sterilized potting soil (in plug trays – 72 cell trays are popular) during the winter and placed outside for two months or more, preferably with snow cover. Seeds can be covered lightly or pressed into the soil…

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How to Start Cacti from Seed

Those of you who are familiar with starting cacti from seed may ignore these directions. Here are some tips for those of you who are just starting out growing cacti from seed. You need to use full spectrum grow lights or a good greenhouse. You can’t just germinate them on a windowsill in an apartment–they need bright light and…

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Starting Aloe from Seed

  Sow seed in regular greenhouse conditions or indoors in a warm and light location. Use 4 inch square pots filled with potting soil composed of 50% sifted compost and 50% coarse, sharp sand or pumice. Add a small amount of wood ash. Commercial cactus mix or standard potting soil are both acceptable, although mixing your own potting soil…

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