How to Make Elderberry Syrup


According to herbalists, Elderberry syrup is a great preventive for colds and flus, an antiviral (helps prevent viruses from replicating) and immune stimulant. European Black Elderberries (Sambucus nigra) are the best type to use.  Here is a simple recipe for making the syrup at home: 

1) Use one cup (appx 100g) of dried black elderberries.

2) Place the dried berries in a bowl and add 2 cups of boiling water.  Cover with a plate and allow to sit overnight.

3) In the morning, pour the mixture into a blender and blend them to a mush.

4) Pour the berry mixture into a fine sieve held over a bowl and using your fingers, work the material around until the seed-free juice is expressed into the bowl .  Alternately, pour the mixture into a cheesecloth and wring it out by hand into a bowl, or if you have a tincture press, use that to press out the juice.  Basically, you are removing the seeds, which may be composted, and saving the juice.

5) The volume of the juice should be about 2 cups.  In a saucepan, simmer the juice on very low heat, stirring frequently, until it reaches half volume (1 cup). 

6) The juice is now very thick and concentrated, loaded with pectin and bioactive compounds. Allow the juice to cool until lukewarm and add an equal quantity (1 cup) of raw honey or vegetable glycerine and stir well until homogenous.  The finished volume is now 2 cups. 

7) Bottle the syrup in amber glass bottles and refrigerate.

Dosage:  Adult, one tablespoonful taken twice daily.  Children:  1 teaspoonful taken twice daily.