Beyond Seed Cleaning Screens

Stainless steel seed cleaning screens

The screen used is industrial grade stainless steel, and we have chosen the most robust stock. The wood used is clear grade Port Orford Cedar, which is bioregional to us, is the hardest of all Cedar species, has a hardwood-like pattern of grain, and emits a delightful aroma, especially when newly worked.  The wood itself is antiseptic, repels bugs…

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Seed Growing, Harvest and Storage

This is a synopsis of a talk given at AMMA’s Chicago ashram on Sep 30, 2017 to a crowd of 50 participants. The talk contains ruminations, advice, theory and and methodology for growing, harvesting, cleaning and storing seeds of medicinal plants. What is a seed?  One can describe its parts:  the seedcoat or testa that surrounds the fatty endosperm–the energy…

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Seed Cleaning Workshop Chicago Sep 30, 2017

Saturday Sep 30, 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM Richo Cech will be in Chicago for the 3rd “Making Plant Medicine” workshop, this one focused on saving seed of medicinal plants.  Participants will learn about growing medicinal herbs for seed, harvesting, screening, winnowing seeds, wet seed processing, optimal seed storage, and packaging and labeling seeds.  Emphasis is on learning through…

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